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The Children’s Ark Preparatory School marked another period of successful achievement as it held the 17th Commencement Exercises.

The event — graced by guest speaker Ms. Ellen Rojo Galo — was held at the Don Antonio Clubhouse last April 1, 2017. A momentous occasion in the lives of our young students and a time to recognize the outstanding work of our staff as well as the parents.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School upholds strong emphasis on being part of our community here in Don Antonio Heights. We believe a sense of community is very important to the future of our nation and our children.

This year’s theme “Enable Dreams To Take Flight” centers on the importance of encouraging children to dream and thrive on discovering; to interpret their goals as to their dreams.

We are confident our young graduates are very well-equipped to take on the next part of their educational lives. They have strong foundations and we feel very assured that they have learned many priceless lessons and that we have given them a great start in life.

To the graduates, we say: take on challenges, be God-loving, go for more learning, serve the community, laugh and be all that you can be.

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How do you decide if your child is ready for a camp if he/she has never been to a camp? Trust the Scout Masters.

Some may not realize just how good the experience camping really is. Camping is a creative, educational, and cooperative outdoor living experience. It contributes significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth of it’s campers.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School held a Day Camp last March 27 at the La Mesa Dam Ecopark in Quezon City. The Ecopark is an ecological nature reserve site which is part of the Angat-Ipo-La Mesa water system — the dam which supplies most of the water supply in Metro Manila.

A nice and cool place to walk around and commune with nature, the Ecopark is a great venue for camping. Our day camp was under the guidance of Teachers Kellie Grace Santos and Jona Biescas, our Scout Masters. Some of the activities include hiking, knot tying, mapping, neckerchief knots and folds, and other leadership skills training.

Our Scouts have come together to have fun and at the same time have a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home.

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Music is important in the learning process of children. It associates the correlation between student enjoyment and student interest. Singing — as an example — can be an alternative medium in teaching literacy, and developing oral communication sans the direct instructional modulation.

It is important that young students are immersed in an environment that promotes audible expression as an extra part of the curriculum.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School believes in promoting music and giving children another means of self-expression, allowing them to artistically impart their feelings and emotions they bear, whether it be happiness, frenzy, or frustration. In a very real sense, this is building up their Emotional Intelligence.

More on our student’s EQ, The Children’s Ark Preparatory School held another musical gathering. Dubbed “A Musical Journey To The Ages” the event was held on February 11, 2017 at the Philippine Social Science Center Auditorium in UP Diliman. The musicale was a presentation of our young students’ talent in the field of music as they performed medleys of songs and dances from the Golden Oldies, or from the ’50s to the ’60s era.

The superb presentation was a result of the Coach Nino’s tireless effort in laying it out for everyone. The event was jazzed up by cool raffle prizes and a dance number from our very own faculty members.



Educational trips are mandatory to the Children’s Ark Preparatory School. Its not just simply leaving the school grounds, it extends further as to giving students the chance to build closer bonds with everyone; trek on new environments/areas and; enjoy a day away from the classroom.

We need to “breathe some air” too. There’s just too many possibilities when outside the four corners of the room. With new educational environments and experiences. To observe things not seen in school: wildlife, plants, and so on.

Not to mention the benefits of bonding. There should be time to spend with each other — in a new environment. Chatting and learning about each other.

For this year’s outbound tour, TCAPS travelled 95 kilometers to Clark Land — a theme park in Pampanga which features, one: DINOSAURS ISLAND. A museum which offers visitors a unique interactive learning experience of these animatronic life size beasts from eons ago.

Our kids were wide-eyed to gigantic Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon and Triceratops and other dino species.


The display wows the crowd with exhibits such as hatching of dino’s eggs, some lively dances inspired by dinosaur antics and some tribal performances.

DINOSAURS ISLAND has been designed for us to understand better the dinosaurs and what transpired in the Mesozoic era. It’s time for us to go back in time and see the first inhabitants of our planet.



Two: Insectlandia.

We explored the fascinating world of insects and other creepy-cutey creatures here in Insectlandia; learned more about their life and anatomy through giant animatronics and exhibits. Our kids were exposed to different types of insects at the Insect Trail, Bugs Life Show, and Butterfly Garden.



And three: Wonders of the World.

The area where one can enjoy a trip around the world via well-detailed miniature replicas of Wonders of the World like Taj Mahal, Pyramid of Egypt, Great Wall of China and a lot more. It was fascinating to see how these structures were intricately made.



The outbound tour comes with other junkets such as a visit to the San Guillermo Parish Church and the San Fernando Train Station of old.


The church was named after the town’s patron saint, San Guillermo.

As per wikipedia:

This was originally constructed by the Augustinian Friars in 1576 — also the town’s founding — with Fr. Diego De Ochoa, OSA as the town’s first parish priest having been installed as such two years after. In 1880, the church was destroyed by an earthquake only to be rebuilt by Fr. Eugenio Alvarez in 1886. On September 3, 1995, lahar flowed out from the slopes of Mount Pinatubo which erupted into world notice on June 1991. The event buried the church in half.




Old PNR Station-San Fernando

“San Fernando City station or simply San Fernando station is a defunct railway station of the PNR Northrail line of Philippine National Railways. It is situated San Fernando, Pampanga. Historically, the old PNR train station was the site of a stopping place for Filipino and American prisoners of war during the Bataan death march in 1942.”



“The station is a historical landmark in the City of San Fernando in Pampanga, the Philippines. The station was inaugurated by Governor-General Eulogio Despujol and Bernardino Nozaleda, the Archbishop of Manila, on February 2, 1892. José Rizal disembarked from this station on June 27, 1892 to meet some recruits for La Liga Filipina and again the next day en route to Bacolor.”



“During the Bataan Death March in April 1942, the station served as the ending point for the 102-kilometer march from Bataan, from which Filipino and American prisoners-of-war were carted to Capas in Tarlac en route to their final destination, Camp O’Donnell.

The station has been closed since the ending of northbound rail services by Philippine National Railways over twenty years ago.”


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Science, a subject area that should be of central focus of early childhood educational program.

Young children are natural scientists. Much of what they do reflects what occurs in the real world of science. They observe, explore, experiment and figure out what make things in the physical world work.

Children have their own idea about how everything works just like a scientist has his own theories. They experiment. They gather data. And re-experiment.

Science not only widens young student’s area of knowledge, it also projects somewhat a way of being smart.

At the same time, children appreciate science because of its mysteries. There is fascination in secrets such as the human anatomy, the cosmos, or what’s beneath the oceans.



For the Children’s Ark Preparatory School kids, the benefits are enormous.

In our AMAZING WORLD OF SCIENCE event, we engaged our students to a number of challenges involving science projects.

The goal is to tap their knowledge, resourcefulness, their skills in planning, formulation and problem-solving.


The event provides an opportunity to feed their young intellectual curiosity and helps them acquire new ways of analyzing and understanding cause and effect.

Amazing World of Science is also an exploration aimed in discovering new interests that might lead to fascinating hobbies and scientific pursuits.














Amazing Science Exhibit Champions




Adrian Joseph Salim, 2016 TCAPS Amazing Scientist


TCAPS Amazing Faculties

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It’s all about focus and distraction.

In its August article, ScienceDaily stressed the dangers of playing Pokemon Go being no different to the hazards of texting. The reality game — which is taking over the headlines around the world — encourages distractions on the move whereby causing accidents and, worse, injuries to players young and old.

Pokemon Go is just one of the many technological beguilements.

We already live in a world where people’s attention is perplexed by their computers, tablets and other mobile devices. It is most crucial now that we teach our kids to keep focus and be present where they are and mindful of their surroundings.

Technology — as parents all know — is both beneficial and costly to children. The question is, how to handle technology in the development of the young. Whether the Digital Age helps or hurts in the development of children depends on what particular technology is used, how it is being advantageous and the frequency it is used.


Unfortunately, it seems, information and communication technology is getting more detrimental to children. The amount of time kids have spent on internet, social media, cell phones, even MP3 players, and most especially games, is increasingly more alarming than say, ten years ago.

Not only has technology replaced the good old physical games and imaginative plays. It also created a diminishing effect on the development of kids’ social skills, communal connection, rapport for others, and loss of fixed attention.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School accentuates the importance of technology to our growing students and, at the same time, being a proponent in stressing the importance of physical fun games in the development of children. At TCAPS, we support the concept of imaginative plays to acquaint children with “life lessons,” social skills, integrity and honesty, and good learning experiences.

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On February 25, the Childrens Ark Preparatory School took the parents’ time off from this busy world and held the second Family Day at the DAHHA Clubhouse.

This is due to the school’s belief in the importance of taking a pause from life and spending precious time with the family.

It is so ironic how we work so hard everyday to provide our families with the basic necessities that sometimes we forget the most important thing we could provide them — time.


At the TCAPS Family Day, bonding time with the family was spent meaningfully. We have programmed some special activities and fun projects in order for parents and children to interact with each other.

Children learn how to deal with issues just by watching and communicating with their parents. On the other hand, family bonding times are best opportunities for parents to show their children the expected behaviors inside the family circle.




TCAPS believes that encouraging bonding time often molds children to have an easier time away from home.

Studies show that children who have closer ties with their parents don’t indulge much on today’s technologies or social media for parental attention. They have an easier time managing themselves when their folks are not around.

They are aware that they have a reasonable amount of their parents’ attention.




The Childrens Ark Preparatory School motivates children to openly discuss to their parents how their deeds in school become a big contributing factor to their projects.

We encourage them to use their talents and their abilities to making the project important in their very own way.




There is this wonderful feeling when children and parents feel they’re connected to a group or, when they are a team.

When they’re playing a game that requires input from everyone or when participation contributes to the success of the group, it increases family union. This creates adaptability in kids’ lives.




Playing games together is an enjoyable way for the family to collaborate and keep in touch outside of the drudge of homeworks, tasks, or even household chores.

Along with this, it even relieves the stress and gives parents some relaxation.



In today’s world, both parents and kids have become more involved in many different preoccupations or diversions. The traditional concept of what a family should be has faded away.

TCAPS makes it a point to keep the family well bonded and make sure it spend some quality time together.

We all have hustling schedules and fish to fry. But we can still at least stop and sit awhile to keep in touch, be together, and let each other feel there is love in the family.