The school’s name and logo was derived from the biblical entry of Noah’s Ark that was trusted with the rebirth of a new and amiable beginning isolating the impurities of the old world.

The Children's Ark Preparatory School

Child care, responsible rearing and quality education are some of the passions of the founders of the school: Yvonne V. Felizardo, Caroline P. Vargas,Angeli V. Pelejo Genelita S. Yape and Leah Michelle Y. Carabuena.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School, Inc. (TCAPS, Inc.) formerly know as The Chilren’s Ark Pre-school, Co. was founded on April 6, 2000 and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission with Registration No. A200005789. The school was granted with Preschool Government Permit by the Department of Education on the same year. By 2002, the school was granted with Government Permit on Elementary Course thus the amendment of the school’s name to The Children’s Ark Preparatory School, Inc. with Prosecutor Danilo B. Vargas (ret.) joining the corporation on 2003 as the newest member of the Board of Trustees. It was also in this same year that Leah Michelle Y. Carabuena decided to leave for personal reasons. The first set of faculty members are all in the family and friends who share the same passion and dedication.


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