Our School

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School(TCAPS) believes that each child needs to grown and develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally to be a worthy member of its community and society. Thus, the school aims to give the child an opulent learning experience by providing them a facilities wherein they can study, learn new things, socialize and bond with new friends and teachers.

The school’s method of teaching adapts the Progressive/Interactive Learning Approach, such as the Content Based Instruction (CBI) wherein the teachers based their teahing on the contents of the books they are presently using, the Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) students were encouraged to ask questions and discover things with their teacher’s guidance and the Problem Based Learning (PBL) wherein the Four W’s, what, where, who and when were frequently used by the teacher to develop the critical thinking of the students.

The school curriculum also aims to develop our child through developmental methods and activities such as, Educational Tour or Field Trips, Community Tours, plays, discussion periods, innovative learnings and other related activities. In such activities, the child’s talent and skills are identified and maximize to its potential.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School Teachers are highly competent to do various procedures needed in teaching. The teachers are to provide flexible program and environment for children to develop varied interest and aptness. TCAPS teachers are important figures in a classroom, aside from being a teacher they also play the role of being a second mother with much emphasis on guidance and supervision. Self-discipline is develope in the pupils using different approaches and patterns of development. Children are instead, praised and encouraged to perform best at his own pace.

Community involvement is one approach of TCAPS that enjoins other members of the community in child development and understanding. Formal and informal organizations and extra curricular activities involving interaction with other society members are considered. This includes Parents-Teachers Association, Barangay and non-government organizations involving nature, philanthropy, camaraderie and other similar activities included in the total learning process.


2 thoughts on “Our School

  1. This sounds like a very nice place. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about the Servants of Charity in the Philippines. Perhaps our students’ paths may cross someday.

  2. HI

    Thank you for finding my blog and liking a post. Hope you drop by again soon

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