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It’s all about focus and distraction.

In its August article, ScienceDaily stressed the dangers of playing Pokemon Go being no different to the hazards of texting. The reality game — which is taking over the headlines around the world — encourages distractions on the move whereby causing accidents and, worse, injuries to players young and old.

Pokemon Go is just one of the many technological beguilements.

We already live in a world where people’s attention is perplexed by their computers, tablets and other mobile devices. It is most crucial now that we teach our kids to keep focus and be present where they are and mindful of their surroundings.

Technology — as parents all know — is both beneficial and costly to children. The question is, how to handle technology in the development of the young. Whether the Digital Age helps or hurts in the development of children depends on what particular technology is used, how it is being advantageous and the frequency it is used.


Unfortunately, it seems, information and communication technology is getting more detrimental to children. The amount of time kids have spent on internet, social media, cell phones, even MP3 players, and most especially games, is increasingly more alarming than say, ten years ago.

Not only has technology replaced the good old physical games and imaginative plays. It also created a diminishing effect on the development of kids’ social skills, communal connection, rapport for others, and loss of fixed attention.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School accentuates the importance of technology to our growing students and, at the same time, being a proponent in stressing the importance of physical fun games in the development of children. At TCAPS, we support the concept of imaginative plays to acquaint children with “life lessons,” social skills, integrity and honesty, and good learning experiences.


Author: The Children's Ark Preparatory School

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School(TCAPS) believes that each child needs to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally to be a worthy member of its community and society.

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