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On February 25, the Childrens Ark Preparatory School took the parents’ time off from this busy world and held the second Family Day at the DAHHA Clubhouse.

This is due to the school’s belief in the importance of taking a pause from life and spending precious time with the family.

It is so ironic how we work so hard everyday to provide our families with the basic necessities that sometimes we forget the most important thing we could provide them — time.


At the TCAPS Family Day, bonding time with the family was spent meaningfully. We have programmed some special activities and fun projects in order for parents and children to interact with each other.

Children learn how to deal with issues just by watching and communicating with their parents. On the other hand, family bonding times are best opportunities for parents to show their children the expected behaviors inside the family circle.




TCAPS believes that encouraging bonding time often molds children to have an easier time away from home.

Studies show that children who have closer ties with their parents don’t indulge much on today’s technologies or social media for parental attention. They have an easier time managing themselves when their folks are not around.

They are aware that they have a reasonable amount of their parents’ attention.




The Childrens Ark Preparatory School motivates children to openly discuss to their parents how their deeds in school become a big contributing factor to their projects.

We encourage them to use their talents and their abilities to making the project important in their very own way.




There is this wonderful feeling when children and parents feel they’re connected to a group or, when they are a team.

When they’re playing a game that requires input from everyone or when participation contributes to the success of the group, it increases family union. This creates adaptability in kids’ lives.




Playing games together is an enjoyable way for the family to collaborate and keep in touch outside of the drudge of homeworks, tasks, or even household chores.

Along with this, it even relieves the stress and gives parents some relaxation.



In today’s world, both parents and kids have become more involved in many different preoccupations or diversions. The traditional concept of what a family should be has faded away.

TCAPS makes it a point to keep the family well bonded and make sure it spend some quality time together.

We all have hustling schedules and fish to fry. But we can still at least stop and sit awhile to keep in touch, be together, and let each other feel there is love in the family.






Author: The Children's Ark Preparatory School

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School(TCAPS) believes that each child needs to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally to be a worthy member of its community and society.

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