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Manila is No. 5 on Forbes’ list of 20 Most Earthquake Vulnerable Cities. This is because the Philippines lies on the edge of the Pacific plate or, inside the Pacific “Ring of Fire” — a seismic zone where a large number of earthquakes occur. Since the 17th century, the Philippines has experienced over a hundred deadly earthquakes. The latest being the Central Visayas tremor with a magnitude of 7.2 which hit on October 2013.

In a country prone to these hazards, the government has a continued policy stressing the importance of preparedness when a disaster strikes. In the same manner, the Children’s Ark Preparatory School understands the need for readiness and the unique challenges earthquakes pose on its schoolchildren. Not like other natural calamities, earthquakes occur without warning. However, with the right training and careful planning, everyone can be prepared to react appropriately during and after an earthquake, and with ample provisions ready for use.


TCAPS stresses the importance of drills and practices and how it can reduce alarm and confusion when disaster strikes. The more kids are educated on preparedness the more they are less likely to panic. Doing the wrong thing during crisis is a terrible mistake.

Most earthquake-prone countries require several drills a year. Last July, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority conducted the Metrowide Quake Drill with the aim of providing a “real-world training scenario in preparation for a possible earthquake in Metro Manila.” This required performance of the “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” drills and evacuation of premises.

Our teachers didn’t have a hard time conducting this SHAKE DRILL as our kids show great enthusiasm for the exercise.















The July 1990 earthquake is probably the most destructive and the most tragic disaster in the history of the Philippines. A great number of schoolchildren perished in this earthquake particularly those in Central Luzon. It occurred just when classes were only moments away from being over.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School underscores preparedness among our kids with utmost concern, and makes it a point to prioritize readiness as to natural calamities especially earthquakes. We hope for the best and expect the worst, but the bottom line is we cannot be unprepared when bad things strikes.

Below are numbers to call when disaster strikes:

National Disaster and Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) hotlines
(02) 911-1406, (02) 912-2665, (02) 912-5668, (02) 911-1873

Philippine National Police (PNP) Hotline Patrol
117 or send TXT PNP to 2920

Red Cross hotline
143, (02) 527-0000, (02) 527-8385 to 95


Author: The Children's Ark Preparatory School

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School(TCAPS) believes that each child needs to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally to be a worthy member of its community and society.

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