Outbound Tour 2012: Nayong Pilipino


From the Paradise Ranch and Zoocobia Fun Zoo, next on our itinerary was the more evocative Nayong Pilipino complex. Here we took a quick look at the “Philippines” laid out in one vast recreational area. Nayong Pilipino is a 45-acre amusement/theme park made up of replicas of landmarks and structures that depict Philippine culture and history. At the very least, TCAPS students get to have a more candid experience of all things Filipino outside the classroom walls. Some of the park’s notable features include National Hero Jose Rizal’s House, Emilio Aguinaldo’s Residence, the Apolinario Mabini House, Ifugao Village, the Barasoain Church, Lapu-Lapu Monument, a Historic Train,  Spanish Colonial Plaza and some novelty shops.

Nayong Pilipino-Filipino Historic Cultural Amusement Park

A visit to Nayong Pilipino is like a trip into a warp zone wherein one can have a tour into the annals of Philippine history.

"Barasoain Church"

“Barasoain Church”  – The seat of the First Philippine Republic

Typical Igorot hut

The incomplex, one-room designed Ifugao hut.

Posers at the Ifugao Hut

At the facade of an Ifugao hut.

Nayong Pilipino Rondalla Group

Nayong Pilipino Rondalla Group. Another special treat to visitors is a presentation of Filipino’s time-worn music and dances.

Sombrero Dance by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Sayaw sa Sombrero”

Sambi sa Malong by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Sambi sa Malong” — a Maranao dance that exhibits the “malong”,  a simple tubular yet highly functional piece of cloth.

Tinikling by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Tinikling” –  One of the most popular and well-known of the traditional Philippine dances.

Kadang-Kadang by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Kadang-kadang” —  a peculiar dance using bamboo stilts with stepladder. Actually a traditional Filipino game played outdoor converted into a dance.

Cariñosa by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Cariñosa” — a Philippine dance of Hispanic origin from the Maria Clara suite of Philippine folk dance.


Oh Creamline… enjoying some scoops! What better way to replenish after a day of explorations.


The Children’s Ark Preparatory School believes that taking students into a new environment not only gives them a learning experience but also provides the experience of traveling in a group and teaches them to be mindful of the more significant places and the stories behind them.


Author: The Children's Ark Preparatory School

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School(TCAPS) believes that each child needs to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally to be a worthy member of its community and society.

4 thoughts on “Outbound Tour 2012: Nayong Pilipino

  1. amazing, interesting and full of fun

  2. ai ou, pero ung tinikling singkil poh un 🙂
    tas ung carinosa kalatong bulaklakan salamat poh 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed seeing the photos and reading about you trip. It looks so much fun.

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