Summer Workshop at TCAPS


The Children’s Ark Preparatory School offered free summer classes in art for preschoolers and elementary students.  It was well attended both by the students of TCAPS and students from other schools.

Our young future artist learned Clay Sculpturing, Painting using poster paints, pastel and Acrylic, Origami and Illustration.  Aside from the free art classes, the school also offered Summer Courses in Reading and Math for Enhancement and Beginners….

Our preschool’s yummy treat of Donut, Spaghetti and Ice cream…made of Play-Doh

Toothy cakes 

Caddy case made of empty ice cream bin covered with tissue paper……

Old newspaper and paints for weaving their place mats, clay pots and avatar

Colorful Hot Air Balloons and Hand Painting/Printing

After the Two- week workshop,  Teacher Carol and Teacher Giselle awarded their certificates

Proud participants showing off their Certificates with their teachers Ms, Giselle, Ms. Geraldine, Ms. Ruby, Ms. Arlene, Ms. Chris and Ms. Karen…


Author: The Children's Ark Preparatory School

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School(TCAPS) believes that each child needs to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally to be a worthy member of its community and society.

3 thoughts on “Summer Workshop at TCAPS

  1. It was fun and very interactive summer art class. The children really enjoy doing different art activities every session.

  2. oo nga cher……… ang saya ng art class!!!!!! 🙂

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