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The Children’s Ark Preparatory School congratulates all the winners of the Little Mr. & Ms Heart of the Archipelago and Mr & Ms Heart of the Archipelago! And we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the parents for their unending support. Mabuhay and to God be the glory and praise!

Congratulations Grand Winners Little Mr & Ms. Heart of the Archipelago
Cliff Matthew Mali (Nursery)
Bianca Badon (Nursery)

Mathew Rivas (Grade 2)
Jameerah Eduarte (Grade 4)

1st Runner – Up
Little Mr. & Ms Heart of the Archipelago
Gabriel Angelo Luna (K1)
Joan Fernandez (K2)

Mr & Ms Heart of the Archipelago
Gabriel Tolentino (Grade3)
Eunika Zhanin Mila (Grade2)

2nd Runner – Up
Little Mr. & Ms Heart of the Archipelago
Lebron Jay Sapallo (K2)
Shanel Bernice delos Reyes (k1)

Mr & Ms Heart of the Archipelago
Wai Pang Chung (Grade 4)
Dreionne Blodwyn Villena (Grade 5)

3rd Runner – Up
Little Mr. & Ms Heart of the Archipelago
Aston Lucas Antalan (Grade 1)
Ceanna Kaira Garduce (Grade 1)

Mr & Ms Heart of the Archipelago
Jaypee Jovenal (Grade 6)
Aviella Roldan (Grade 6)

Darlings of the Crowd
Little Mr. Gabriel Angelo Gio Luna (K1)
Little Ms. Ceanna Kaira Garduce (Grade 1)

Mr. Wai Pang Chung ( Grade 4)
Ms. Jameerah Eduarte (Grade 4)

Photogenic Awardees
Little Mr. Cliff Malig (K1)
Little Ms Joanne Fernandez (K2)

Mr. Wai Pang CHung (Grade 4)
Ms. Eunika Zhanen Mila (Grade 2)

Best in Traditional Attire
Little Mr. Ashton Lucas (Grade 1)
Little Ms. Bianca Badon (Nursery)

Mr. Jaypee Jovenal (Grade 6)
Ms. Eunika Zhanen Mila (Grade 2)

Winners of Best in Sports Attire
Little Mr. Lebron Jay Sapallo (K2)
Little Ms. Joanne Fernandez (K2)

Mr. Mathew Rivas (Grade 2)
Ms. Dreionne Blodwyn Villena (Grade5)

Best in Talent Winners
Little Mr. Lebron Jay Sapallo (K2)
Little Ms. Bernice delos Reyes (K1)

Mr. Matthew Rivas (Grade 2)
Ms. Aviella Roldan (Grade 6)

with Adrian Salim (Lakan Winner 2015)

Winners of Major Prizes
Drawn by Ms Vangie de Castro-Macabuhay
Television and Recording Co.
Former dancer/choreographer of Wea and Dyna Dancers

Winners of the first (5) Consolation Prizes
Drawn by one of our Judges, Ms Gia Ella Encarnacion
Former Ms TCAPS 2006

Little Mr. Lebron Jay Sapallo (K2)
Little Ms. Bernice delos Reyes (K1)

Mr. Matthew Rivas (Grade 2)
Ms. Aviella Roldan (Grade 6)

Winners of 2nd (5) Consolation Prizes
Drawn by another one of our Judges
Ms Shayne Esteves

Our appreciation to
Judges Ms. Vangie Makabuhay
Ms. Gia Ella Encarnacion
Ms Shayne Esteves
Host Paul Sargei Azurin
Sponsor Mogu Mogu
Coach Anthony and Coach Cholo
Admin of the Month Teacher Arlene /Teacher Karen
Sound System/Video Teacher Liza
Modeling/Dance Teacher Kellie and Teacher Irish
Decoration: teachers and staff


Heart of the Archipelago 2018 Opening Number


Ati Atihan Dance Number Elementary Grade Level with Coach Anthony Andrino


Guitar Presentation by the Higher Level Di Bale Na lang Kaya (Gary V) Umagang Kayganda (Bamboo) with Coach Cholo


Preschool Ati- Atihan Dance Number Blow the Whistle with Coach Anthony Andrino


Introduction of Candidates Mr & Ms Heart of the Archipelago


Welcome Number by the Candidates Little Mr..& Little Miss Heart of the Archipelago Mr.& Ms Heart of the Archipelago with Teacher Kellie and Teacher Irish


with Mogu Mogu Mascot


Production Number by the Candidates Circle of Life with Coach Anthony Andrino



Sports Wear by the candidates Little Mr. & Ms Heart of the Archipelago

Coronation Night 2018 Little Mr. & Ms Heart of the Archipelago Mr. & Ms. Heart of the Archipelago PSSC February 15, 2018 1-4pm


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In celebration of this year’s National Nutrition Month, the Children’s Ark Preparatory School conducted a day of fun and entertainment in cognizance of children’s proper diet and nutrition. Dubbed “Healthy Diet, Make It A Habit” the festivity was held at the Don Antonio Heights Homeowner’s Association (DAHHA) Clubhouse.

Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 491 or the Nutrition Act of the Philippines, the National Nutrition Council (NNC) leads the observance of National Nutrition Month. This annual event hinges on promoting healthy eating habits that would help reduce the incidence of overweight, obesity and non-communicable diseases among our budding schoolchildren.

This year’s agenda focuses on educating the public as to how to better distinguish healthy nourishment from unhealthy ones and, to embolden the food sector which includes farmers, producers, and distributors, and food establishments to produce and make available healthier options for everyone.

As we observe National Nutrition Month this year, TCAPS reminds all to mind what we eat. The more healthier we consume, the more we become healthy kids!

Teaching children the importance of good nutrition throughout childhood will lay the foundation for a healthier more fulfilling life.

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Children’s Ark Preparatory School dentists headed by Dra. Pecson knows how important it is for children to have positive experiences in dental checkups to keep their confidence in seeing the doctors often. This year’s annual dental inspection, our students were more than willing to say “aah” to their tooth fairies.

Dental check-ups, performed annualy here in TCAPS, are of central importance in maintaining the health of our students. Children’s early years — these are the times when healthy permanent teeth are being built. We see to it our kids get a good start of proper dental hygiene. The earlier, the better.

While tooth decay not only destroy childen’s teeth, it can also be an excruciating pain, too agonizing for these small people. A major disruption to their studies, in school or at home. Maintaining healthy teeth during these stages of development helps prevent these discomforts and makes maintenance in the future much easier.

We are aware not all children practice proper toothbrushing. Dra. Pecson’s team handles these issues. Their trips here in TCAPS are for proper dental maintenance learning and also for professional cleanings. As well as taking care of the buildups in-between teeth that kids usually miss.

With so many benefits of practicing good oral hygiene for children, the Children’s Ark Preparatory School takes action in ensuring our children’s teeth are kept clean and healthy. While parents and children can work on their dental upkeep themselves, we set a good pattern for the everyone to make sure oral hygiene and dental care are carried through.

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The Philippines being located along the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire — an area in the Pacific where earthquakes occur most frequently — we experience a lot of seismic and volcanic tremors. A number of which created massive devastation like the 1990 Luzon Earthquake.

For this reason, the government implemented an act which strengthens disaster risk reduction and management system. The act directs all institutions to exercise proper disaster drills and emergency responses.

It is our responsibility at the Children’s Ark Preparatory School to carry out our own proper training for disaster response. Last July, the school community performed an earthquake emergency drill which aimed in teaching staff and students how to respond appropriately to earthquakes.

The drill reiterates the “duck, cover and hold” practice which is dropping down to the floor, taking cover under a table and holding on to its posts.

The exercise includes teaching our students the proper attitude in times of disaster. Little helpful reminders such as “Don’t Run” and “No Pushing” or “Refrain from Returning” to classrooms/buildings and proceeding to evacuation areas.

TCAPS also encourages our young students to express their feelings such as fear, anxiety or anger. We listen to them carefully and offer reassurance. Restoring their psychological normalcy is part of the earthquake drill.

The Childrens Ark Preparatory School ground serves as an evacuation area sufficient and very much easily accessible to everyone during an earthquake. Also, the DAHHA Clubhouse can serve as temporary shelter when needed.

The earthquake/disaster drill is an important part of the school’s preparedness plan. We see to it that we provide maximum preparedness for our students and ensure their safety in times of danger.

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The Children’s Ark Preparatory School marked another period of successful achievement as it held the 17th Commencement Exercises.

The event — graced by guest speaker Ms. Ellen Rojo Galo — was held at the Don Antonio Clubhouse last April 1, 2017. A momentous occasion in the lives of our young students and a time to recognize the outstanding work of our staff as well as the parents.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School upholds strong emphasis on being part of our community here in Don Antonio Heights. We believe a sense of community is very important to the future of our nation and our children.

This year’s theme “Enable Dreams To Take Flight” centers on the importance of encouraging children to dream and thrive on discovering; to interpret their goals as to their dreams.

We are confident our young graduates are very well-equipped to take on the next part of their educational lives. They have strong foundations and we feel very assured that they have learned many priceless lessons and that we have given them a great start in life.

To the graduates, we say: take on challenges, be God-loving, go for more learning, serve the community, laugh and be all that you can be.

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How do you decide if your child is ready for a camp if he/she has never been to a camp? Trust the Scout Masters.

Some may not realize just how good the experience camping really is. Camping is a creative, educational, and cooperative outdoor living experience. It contributes significantly to physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth of it’s campers.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School held a Day Camp last March 27 at the La Mesa Dam Ecopark in Quezon City. The Ecopark is an ecological nature reserve site which is part of the Angat-Ipo-La Mesa water system — the dam which supplies most of the water supply in Metro Manila.

A nice and cool place to walk around and commune with nature, the Ecopark is a great venue for camping. Our day camp was under the guidance of Teachers Kellie Grace Santos and Jona Biescas, our Scout Masters. Some of the activities include hiking, knot tying, mapping, neckerchief knots and folds, and other leadership skills training.

Our Scouts have come together to have fun and at the same time have a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home.

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Music is important in the learning process of children. It associates the correlation between student enjoyment and student interest. Singing — as an example — can be an alternative medium in teaching literacy, and developing oral communication sans the direct instructional modulation.

It is important that young students are immersed in an environment that promotes audible expression as an extra part of the curriculum.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School believes in promoting music and giving children another means of self-expression, allowing them to artistically impart their feelings and emotions they bear, whether it be happiness, frenzy, or frustration. In a very real sense, this is building up their Emotional Intelligence.

More on our student’s EQ, The Children’s Ark Preparatory School held another musical gathering. Dubbed “A Musical Journey To The Ages” the event was held on February 11, 2017 at the Philippine Social Science Center Auditorium in UP Diliman. The musicale was a presentation of our young students’ talent in the field of music as they performed medleys of songs and dances from the Golden Oldies, or from the ’50s to the ’60s era.

The superb presentation was a result of the Coach Nino’s tireless effort in laying it out for everyone. The event was jazzed up by cool raffle prizes and a dance number from our very own faculty members.