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They say the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing out loud for all to hear.

This holiday season The Children’s Ark Preparatory School presented a special musical event. The happening, held on December 21, 2018 at the Don Antonio Heights Homeowner’s Association Basketball court was dubbed “Mini-Christmas Cantata”. And stars our very own students.

The Cantata features the Christmas story, or the birth of Christ. The story which has fascinated mankind for centuries.

Our actors take us back to the first century and dramatized the passion and the peace found in the Nativity Story.

Accompanied by songs, they brought to life the characters of Mary, Joseph, The Three Kings, Shepherds, and as well as King Herod.

The cantata includes a chorus from our young singers who raised their voices in harmony and peace.

Another inspiring musical celebration for the parents to cherish.

Below, Cantata director Henry gracing the occasion also as host.

Exchange Gifts. Reliving the tradition of The Three Kings, giving gifts has — for centuries — held people together.

Angels we have heard on high: Love came down on Christmas. And angels gave the sign.

A sumptuous banquet after an inspiring musical courtesy of Pierre Angelli Catering Services.


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The scouting movement is one sure way to bring about the development we want for our children. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will blossom to be great citizens of tomorrow. Their proper training would help them to be the ideal person every parent can be proud of. With high moral standards, efficient and dynamic, socially aware and actively interested. Rationale-minded, ready to serve their country and most of all, God-loving.

The Boy and Girl Scouts of the Children’s Ark Preparatory School held its Investiture and Rededication last October 26 and 27, 2018 at the Don Antonio Heights Homeowners Association covered court and at the TCAPS grounds. The event includes a Day Camp for the Kab Scouts and an overnight stay for the Boy and Girl Scouts.

The occasion was graced by Speakers Sir Rogelio LLamas Jr. and Elizabeth S. Lopez for the Boy and Girl Scouts respectively.

Certificates and tokens were awarded to the overnight “survivors” — those who made it through the night without the presence of their parents.

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The Boy Scouts of the Philippines, National Capital Region, held the annual Kid-Kab Scout Palaro 2018. The event was held at the Amoranto Sports Complex in Quezon City. Filled with fun and activities, the one day sports was attended by Kid Scouts aging 3 to 5 years, and the Kab Scouts 6 to 10 years old.

The event was charged with dance and sports competitions among the Kab and Kid Scouts together with their parents.

The Palaro was an opportunity for the Children’s Ark Preparatory School Scouts and their families to join such scouting affair which not everyone has the privilege.

Taking our young scouts to events, competition like this is our commitment which we cherish and yearn for. For all it’s worth, we are producing the men of the future.

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Science is all splendor — never stop experimenting.

On September 29, the Children’s Ark Preparatory School held its Science Fair and Exhibits — an event displaying the magic of scientific methodology. The fair stars twenty participants from the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Graders.

The challenge is for our young scientists to electrify the audience with their most awesome “discovery.” From the supernatural power of chemical revulsion to the wonders of natural science, our boys and girls in white demonstrated their touchstones to the amazement of spectators.

The coolest scientist with the best “research and development” gets the Gold or Einstein Award. Followed by Silver or Oppenheimer Award and Bronze/Pascal Award.

The show generated interests in science among our grade schoolers through an entertaining as well as educational spectacle.

Science fair projects can be really challenging and exciting especially now with all the opportunities the internet can provide. The promise of success through these projects can also be self-validating.

The science fair teaches our students how to apply their existing abilities to new scientific areas, as well as learn new skills.

Within these fascinating scientific performances is our goal to develop a feeling of confidence and competence among students, and foster a spirit of scientific inquiry and — of course — to have fun.

Wai Hung Chung. Grade VI. Rocket Tea Bag


Francesca Ron Cruz. Grade VI. Gravity-defying water.


Laura Jean Cielo. Grade V. Transforming Black Egg into Silver.


Wai Pang Chung. Grade V. Tissue Water Trick


Nixon Cruz, Jr. Gr 5. Decolorization with milk


Gian Rodriquez. Grade V. Fluids in Motion.


Simon Sioson. Grade IV. Superconductors: Water Glass Magic


Michael Gabriel Tamondong. Grade VI. Oobleck: Cornstarch and water experiment.


Jemimah Marie Garvez. Grade V. Sugar Density Tower


Gabriel Tolentino. Grade IV. Crazy Cool Milk Walking on Shoelace


Ross Nathan De Guzman. Grade VI. Magical Glittered Water Tornado in a Bottle


Jimmy Jose. Grade IV. Super Cool Lava Lamp


Franco Tuazon. Grade VI. Lemon Balloon Popper


Grade 1

Bronze/ Pascal Awardees

Silver/Oppenheimer Awardees

Gold/Einstein Awardees

Also presenting the Top Winners for the Science Exhibit:


A science fair project is one of the best learning experiences a student can undertake. What makes a science fair project such a great educational experience is that it involves much more than science, students also get an opportunity to enhance their presentation skills thereby developing their belief in themselves.

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The Children’s Ark Preparatory School integrates recitals in its curriculum as essential elements in the advancement of our children’s literacy skills. Activities like these involves the students into a more casual, affirmative and relaxing environment where they can express themselves spontaneously.

Recitals help children develop their emotional and social well-being. Children’s enjoyment and interest are crucial in the learning process.

On Saturday, 8th of September, the Children’s Ark Preparatory School indulged our students to their very own recital-concert. Held at the Robinson’s Place in Antipolo, the event was dubbed “Dance Around The World.”

The engagement features TCAPS’ young talents dancing to the latest steps and the glitz and glamour of ramp modelling.

The successful fun-filled event was made possible in cooperation with IMA Entertainment, Antipolo City Culture Arts And Tourism Promotions Office, City of Antipolo, and loads of sponsors.

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We have completed the outbound tour with the Dessert Museum as our final destination. Let’s face it – of all the places we have been, no matter how exciting — here is where our students have definitely gone crazy.

The Dessert Museum is an awesome eat-play-learn showplace where the attractions are irresistible: 8 heavenly rooms of “sweet” delights. Eight flavorsome dessert-themed rooms. The donut room, marshmallow room, ice cream room, cake pop room, gummy bears room, cotton candy room, candy cane room, and the bubble gum room.

Everything kids would cry out for.

The place greeted us with stories of desserts — sketched on the walls. A museum guide narrating the place’s history, some fun facts, and interesting information, even though our young visitors are barely paying attention, busy trying to contain their cravings or simply taking selfies!

They say the problem with kids is that they don’t have sweet tooth — it’s that they have lots of them.

The Dessert Museum offers a 2-hour tour of what they claim as the most Instagram-worthy museum in the city. The place is crammed with young people who are into desserts — and diabetics?

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School together with parents and students at the Dessert Museum, Conrad Hotel at the Mall of Asia, Pasay city.

The Ice Cream Room

The Bubble Gum room

The Marshmallow Room

The Gummy Bears room

The Cotton Candy Room

The Cake Pops Room

The Donut Room

The Candy Cane Room



The Philippine National Museum takes the lead in the study and preservation of our nation’s rich artistic, historical and cultural heritage. It is envisioned as the premier institution and repository of our heritage, and as an exciting, informative, and enjoyable place to visit.

For the third leg of the Children’s Ark Preparatory School, we visited the National Museum.

We at TCAPS believes in enriching our students’ sense of history and culture. The National Museum is replete of these national artifacts and stories. It is vital for our students to be aware of these stories, not only to guide them about our history but also to embolden them of empathy for our culture. The National Museum opens the door for our children’s curiosity and gives them opportunities for higher critical thinking.

Where the National Museum is housed today was originally designed as a public library by Ralph Harrington Doane, an American consulting architect of the Bureau of Public Works. It was then decided that the building should be used by the Legislature instead. The building was inaugurated on 16 July 1926. In 2010, the National Museum restored the dilapidated building and subsequently became its permanent home.

The National Museum has exhibitions located at the National Art Gallery on Level 2 (House Floor) at the main visitor entrance in Padre Burgos Avenue, and covers Philippine art from the 17th to 20th centuries. Exhibitions continue as well on Level 3 (Senate Floor), and features modern and contemporary Philippine art from the 20th to 21st centuries as well as temporary exhibitions.

Statues of founders of the major religious orders: St. Francis of Assisi and St. Dominic.

The Spoliarium. The painting by Juan Luna which won the gold medal in the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1884 in Madrid.

TCAPS students enjoying a selfie with the museum’s murals. Children today are fortunate to take photos of everything inside. The former National Museum used to be strict in taking pictures of exhibits.

“The Parisian” at the GALLERY XX (GSIS Northeast Hall). The “Parisian Life” by Filipino painter and revolutionary Juan Luna. One of the masterpieces that Luna created when he stayed in Paris, France. The Parisian Life is regarded as the last major work Luna during his post-academic and life in Paris.

“El Asesinato del Gobernador Bustamante” (The Assassination of Governor Bustamante), the largest known work by Luna’s contemporary and friend, Félix Resurrección Hidalgo. The huge artwork is a dramatic depiction of the murder of Governor General Fernando Bustamante in 1719 by a mob of friars.

The Old Senate Session Hall, now the National Museum of Fine Arts. Adorned with the installation of the major part of “Filipino Struggles Through History,” also known as History of Manila, the monumental series of paintings by National Artist Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco (1912-1969) that were commissioned in 1968 for Manila City Hall by Mayor Antonio J. Villegas.

TCAPS students listen to museum orator before the Spoliarium. Given the opportunity, children visiting museums opens them to different concepts and perspectives that could be valuable to their lives. These exposures can help produce higher critical thinking skills and creativity, essential to their success in the future.

“Katipunan” by Carlos “Botong” Francisco. Portion of the artists’ mural titled “Filipino Struggles Through History.”

The National Museum envisions a Filipino nation, unified by a deep sense of pride in their common identity, cultural heritage and natural patrimony, and imbibed with the spirit of nationalism and strong commitment to the protection and dissemination of legacy.

Their mission: to acquire, document, preserve, exhibit, and foster scholarly study and appreciation of works of art, specimens, and cultural and historical artifacts.

The Children’s Ark Preparatory School’s visit here go beyond bolstering the lessons our students learn inside the classroom. The National Museum added an in-depth understanding, and opened new ideas of interest.

For the parents, visiting the museum is an opportunity to explore with kids, help them in filling in with the missing gaps in book learning, or simply being there on this exploration of discovery.