The Tecumseh Poem

(In the closing scenes of the movie Act of Valor, a poem by Tecumseh was read aloud in honor of a departed war hero. The poem served as a gift by the fallen soldier to his son. This short and powerful poem by Tecumseh deserved a space here in our site. Keep this always in your pocket.)


UN DAY 2012: In Celebration Of The Brotherhood Of Man

October 27, 2012 — TCAPS schoolchildren celebrated another United Nations Day with full flair by dressing up in the traditional costumes and colors of different cultures and nationalities. Every year the Children’s Ark Preparatory School commemorates United Nation’s Day as one of the school’s extra-curricular activities to acquaint the children with global issues and to amplify the children’s mindsets on multiculturalism.

A peachy event and a great opportunity for the children to learn about and explore all the cultures that make up the brotherhood of Man.

































When Cold Isn’t Cool

According to a recent Gallup survey, Filipinos are the most emotional people in the world. It says we — Pinoys — experience a number of feelings on a daily basis. No doubt. On the opposite end however, are the Singaporeans who, as per the poll result, are the least emotional. Stony?

If  I — for example — am ordinarily subjected to a little dose of laughter and trouble and drama etc. day in and day out, I am curious how the Singaporeans roll with the punches in their daily routines. But of course, there is a big difference between an emotive society and a more “reserved” one. In the case of the Philippines and Singapore, it’s called ‘progress.’

But then again, I wonder,  if they still enjoy staring at the sunset.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  ~Lao Tzu

Outbound Tour 2012: Nayong Pilipino

From the Paradise Ranch and Zoocobia Fun Zoo, next on our itinerary was the more evocative Nayong Pilipino complex. Here we took a quick look at the “Philippines” laid out in one vast recreational area. Nayong Pilipino is a 45-acre amusement/theme park made up of replicas of landmarks and structures that depict Philippine culture and history. At the very least, TCAPS students get to have a more candid experience of all things Filipino outside the classroom walls. Some of the park’s notable features include National Hero Jose Rizal’s House, Emilio Aguinaldo’s Residence, the Apolinario Mabini House, Ifugao Village, the Barasoain Church, Lapu-Lapu Monument, a Historic Train,  Spanish Colonial Plaza and some novelty shops.

Nayong Pilipino-Filipino Historic Cultural Amusement Park

A visit to Nayong Pilipino is like a trip into a warp zone wherein one can have a tour into the annals of Philippine history.

"Barasoain Church"

“Barasoain Church”  – The seat of the First Philippine Republic

Typical Igorot hut

The incomplex, one-room designed Ifugao hut.

Posers at the Ifugao Hut

At the facade of an Ifugao hut.

Nayong Pilipino Rondalla Group

Nayong Pilipino Rondalla Group. Another special treat to visitors is a presentation of Filipino’s time-worn music and dances.

Sombrero Dance by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Sayaw sa Sombrero”

Sambi sa Malong by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Sambi sa Malong” — a Maranao dance that exhibits the “malong”,  a simple tubular yet highly functional piece of cloth.

Tinikling by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Tinikling” -  One of the most popular and well-known of the traditional Philippine dances.

Kadang-Kadang by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Kadang-kadang” –  a peculiar dance using bamboo stilts with stepladder. Actually a traditional Filipino game played outdoor converted into a dance.

Cariñosa by the Nayong Pilipino Dance Troupe

“Cariñosa” — a Philippine dance of Hispanic origin from the Maria Clara suite of Philippine folk dance.


Oh Creamline… enjoying some scoops! What better way to replenish after a day of explorations.


The Children’s Ark Preparatory School believes that taking students into a new environment not only gives them a learning experience but also provides the experience of traveling in a group and teaches them to be mindful of the more significant places and the stories behind them.

Outbound Tour 2012

Another welcome break for teachers and students as we embarked on an educational trip last September to PARADISE RANCH, a refreshing nature and conservation park just inside the sub-zone of Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. While the field trip’s goal is essentially to learn and experience, it also served as a fun bonding activity for everyone. The formative years is the best time to garner as much memories of school educational tours as one could.

PARADISE RANCH is a 30-hectare recreational farmstead founded by Erik D. Gomez in an effort to provide jobs for the folks in Sacobia Valley who were ravaged by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. The acreage also seeks to promote environmental protection and preservation.

TCAPS availed of the Ranch’s day-visit-package featuring a guided tour to its major attractions such as Zoocobia, Walk-Thru Aviary, Toon Town, Farm Ville, Animal Feeding and a whole lot more plus an added visit to Nayong Pilipino, a historic and cultural amusement park also at the Freeport Zone.

Bus rides from the humdrum of the city are always a great escape. We had a grand and relaxing ride! Our special thanks to Sir Arnel of HUNNYPOT Tours and of course, our friendly tour guide Kuya Boy!

Touchdown Paradise Ranch

Teacher Liza (right) trying out the Aeta Tribesmen’s cultural dance steps

After a 30-minute Tribal Show, visitors are called upon to join some fun dance challenge. Here, our very own KC Mabiasen (Gr. 3) was named Ms. PARADISE RANCH after her winning dance steps imitating the “monkey-dance-movement” as performed by an Aeta entertainer.

KC Mabiasen – Ms. Paradise Ranch

Aeta Tribal Dance troupe blowing the lid off to the tune of SHAKIRA’s “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)”

TCAPS faculty with the tribal dancers

Teacher Carol with the lads and lassies at the quiet gardens of Paradise Ranch.

Teaher Liza with Duffy Duck

Toon Town, Paradise Ranch. Basically a garden with replicas of cartoon characters.

Ancient beasts at the Dino Park Kingdom

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Saurapoda Replica at the Dino ParkKingdom

“Statue of Liberty”

Entrance of Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Slide for Life / Giant Slide

Garden Maze at Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia is perched on the forested foothills of Paradise Ranch. Aside from viewing assorted types of animals, visitors are to have  a different kind of educational and interactional experience with a near-at-hand viewing and at the same time animal-feeding intimacy. An unforgettable zoological acquaintance perfect for our young tourists.

Paradise Ranch’s Farm Ville is the real-life experience outside of that online computer game. Here, visitors not only get to feed the animals but also harvest some vegetables, fruits and crops.

Parents and children alike had fun feeding the largest and flightless bird with grains

Midget or pygmy horses. Or more commonly known as “miniature horses”

Alpacas. A domesticated species of South American camelid.

Binturong. Another name for Bear Cat. Commonly found in Sumatra, Java, Borneo,Palawan and other Southeast Asian land.

Mj and Oj having a grand time feeding Kalahari domestic goats (Capra Hircus). Commonly found in the moist mountains of Africa

Animal and Bone and Skin Museum

Paradise Ranch Walk-Thru Aviary.

The Brahminy Kite. Also known as the Red-backed Sea-eagle in Australia. A medium sized bird of prey.

Sleeping Grass Owl

Blue-naped Parrot. Also known as the Philippine Green Parrot or “Pikoy”.  Feeds on seeds and nuts

Rufous Horn Bill. The Philippine Hornbill. Also known as “Kalaw” Loves to feed on fruits and insects.

The Philippine Eagle-Owl is a vulnerable species of bird belonging to the Strigidae Family. It feeds on rats and meat and commonly found in the forests of Catanduanes, Samar and Bohol.

Feeling the cold and scaly form of a giant boa.

Carlos Miguel and Omel aka “Si Malakas at Si Maganda”

Next stop on Outbound Tour — “Nayong Pilipino..”

TCAPS Celebrates “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa 2012″

Another National Language Month celebration transpired as we observed the 75th year of the declaration of Tagalog as our basic language of communication. It was in 1937 when Executive Order No. 134  was approved calling for the development of a national language based in Tagalog. In 1987 however, the Constitution was revised stating that the national language of the Philippines be Filipino.

This August, The Children’s Ark Preparatory School  joined the entire nation in commemorating “Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa” with a series of activities according to each week’s theme: August 1-7 highlights the 75th year of Filipino in education and its use in official communication; August 8-14, 2012, Filipino and other dialects in the context of Kindergarten-to-12 and Mother Tongue Based Education; August 15-21, 2012, centers on the national anthem “Lupang Hinirang” and “Panatang Makabayan.”; August 23-28, 2012, celebrates Filipino as a universal language that promotes a stable society; and August 29-31, 2012 capping the celebration with school activities consistent with the President’s “Tuwid na Daan”  battle cry.

TCAPS kids sporting the Philippine traditional fashion, embroidered barong Tagalog for the boys and the baro at saya for the girls, in keeping with the theme for this important occasion.

Prep Wisdom: with Adrian Laguda, Matthew Guitterrez and Jedd Comabalicer…..

Prep Wisdom: Our handsome Gabriel Tamondong, Thea Prado, Angelica Camacho and Norjuna Bocua..

Our “healthy” magsasaka  Heber Cruz

Expressing the doxology. Offering our hearts to our Heavenly Father

Sticking around for the day’s shows and performances from different grade levels

Nursery and kinder doing the Filipino classic rice-planting song Magtanim Ay Di Biro

Sabayang Pagbigkas by the 1st Graders,  under Teacher Den
“Mga Pambansang Sagisag”

Students Council 2012-2013 Oath Taking officiated by Teacher Arlene Atillano (Grade 6)

President: Princess Kyla Pabitu
Vice Pres: Ginger Coleen Isaac
Secretary: Ivy Jovenal
Treasurer: Jenina Mari Mendoza
Auditor  : Princilla Katryel Pabitu


Grade 1  : Xander Kil Camacho
Grade 2  : Anne Margareth Librando
Grade 3  : Kattie Cammile Mabiasen

Winners for the Linggo ng Wika Best in Costume
Nursery:  Jameerah Eduarte
Kinder:  Laura Jean Ceilo
Prep:  Jedd Combalicer and Xandra Camacho
Grade 1:  Mj Perez and Makency Combalicer
Grade 5:  OJ Perez and Ginger Isaac
Grade 6:  Kyle Corong and Kyla Pabitu

The gifted Pabitu sisters performing the lyre with their rendition of Pilipinas kong Mahal

Chow time….. Nursery and kinder class

Sabayang Pagbigkas by the grade 4 and 5

Nutrition Month 2012 Photomontage

In compliance with this year’s Nutrition Month themed Pagkain Ng Gulay Ugaliin, Araw-araw Itong Ihain ( Make vegetable eating a habit, keep it served daily) we turned the spotlight to the importance of VEGETABLES, as part of our healthy diet. This year’s celebration aimed at promoting vegetable consumption, especially among the young, in order to preempt micro-nutrient deficiencies.

Along with the occasion, the Children’s Ark Prep School conducted health check-ups, medical and dental in particular, for its bright-eyed kiddies. Plus, an epic muppet show dubbed Lusog-Saya Sa Safari by no other than the country’s acclaimed ventriloquist Kuya Ony Carcamo.

Following is a collection of images from this year’s Nutrition Month blast, wrapped up with some cool vegetable trivias. Enjoy!

Ready for the world

The World Health Organization recommends eating a minimum of 400 grams of vegetables and fruits per day, which is equivalent to five servings per day with three servings of vegetables per day

Ony Carcamo entertaining the young crowd with his stuff.

Kuya Ony Carcamo engaging the young crowd with what he does best.

New school pediatrician Dr. Bacolor spearheads the children's medical legwor

New school pediatrician Dr. Bacolor spearheads the children’s medical legwork

As per Thomas Jefferson: If the body is feeble, the mind will not be strong

“If the body is feeble, the mind will not be strong.”

 Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

TCAPS Nutrition Month 2012

Will leave you now with some interesting vegetable facts courtesy of Healthy-Eating-Foods.Info:

  • The highest amount of vitamins and nutrients are contained within the vegetable’s skin and the layer directly underneath it.
  • The nutritional value of vegetables decreases during the cooking process.
  •  Soluble vitamins are lost through the absorption of liquid – for example, when boiling.
  • One of the amazing Nutrition Facts About Vegetables is that eating them can significantly improve our health and lifestyle!
  • Vegetables are generally very low in fat and calories – excellent for healthy diets!
  • Frozen vegetables are just as beneficial to the health as fresh vegetables.
  • There are many different ways of cooking with vegetables including roasting, baking, boiling, steaming, blanching, deep frying, stir frying, sweating, grilling and marinating.
  • Vegetables come in all different sizes, shapes and colors such as green, purple, red and yellow, and they are grown specifically for food purposes.
  • Vegetables can provide benefits to our skin, teeth, nails, hair and even help to prevent signs of aging

Backtrack: The Colors Of TCAPS Summer

We’re backtracking folks! Back over the course by which we have come. And here we go — from last summer’s art class!

The Children’s Ark Prep School’s 2012 summer workshop  featured arts and crafts that juiced up our young boys and girl’s enterprising minds.  A summer productively spent on creativity and self-expression as kids work on various aptitudes such as molding, painting, sculpting and other crafts.

TCAPS Summer Art Class

TCAPS affirms the value of art in the refinement of children’s cognitive and creative skills; strengthening their problem-solving skills; development of their sense of craftmanship; and their tuning in to other important values such as team building and awareness to different cultures and traditions.

Building self-confidence and self-discipline through art


Peek-a-boo! Adornment for summer carnivals…

Every child is an artist

"Marine life"

Beauty of marine life expressed in a paper collage by Oj Perez and Cedric Jose...

Beauty of marine life expressed in a paper collage by Oj Perez and Cedric Jose…

Inspired from candy sa palayok -- is the  "Birthday Pinata."

Inspired from candy sa palayok — is the  “Birthday Pinata.”

Flashy candle holders

Something to make their room cozy or less frightening during brown-outs are these candle holders made out of empty bottles of mayonnaise by TCAPS preschoolers.

Art is a collaboration of God and the artist

Name plates made of clay moldings.

A collage of finger-paints

Finger-painting collage using colored art papers.

Bits and pieces of colored art paper pasted to form amusing shapes.

Bits and pieces of colored art paper pasted to form amusing shapes.

Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do.  ~Edgar Degas

Spray Painting and drawing

Cone-shaped hats

Cone-shaped hats

What is not art?

Fun with clays

To develop their psychomotor skills, the little ones were, first, given time to have fun with their clays. And later on were made to create yummy “ice creams” on a cone.


Children were taught to express themselves in the unique art of  stone paintings.

Teacher Carol with Art Teacher Liza and assistant Den

Certificate awardee Andrea with Teachers Carol and Liza and assistant Den at the successful completion of  TCAPS’ Art Summer Class for 2012.